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・ Although healthy at 65 years of age or older, those who need care in their daily lives

・ Those who are without medical treatment

・ Those who can live at home


・ Elderly facility with nursing care and meal service

・ Nursing staff are stationed in the home and can receive 24-hour care service


Your tenants can live with peace of mind to stick to "house" building, to support the free and peace of mind were living [8 people Capacity]

Facilities Introduction

Facility photos

Facility Map

サービス内容: サービス内容


No facility or atmosphere in terms of appearance and contents, and you can spend as if you were in the house you used to live in. Some rooms have tatami mats. The kind and cheerful staff will provide the residents with warmth and warmth in their daily lives.


371-7456 1059-65 Misato-machi, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture

TEL 027-371-7131

FAX 027-371-1550

Facility Director Hisako Suzuki

Private Residential Home

Warm days more with us

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