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Nursing Care

We want to share everyday happiness with smile

私たちについて: 設備

Miyama Care

Depending on the lifestyle, mental and physical condition of the client, and the wishes of the family

We offer a wide range of support from home care to nursing care at facilities.


Small Multifunctional Care

You can flexibly combine "Home care, Staying, and Visiting" in the area where you are used to, and receive services at a fixed fee. Our kind staff with familiar are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Private Residential Home

It is a nursing home that focuses on the "House" where you can spend as if you were at home.

The staff, who are gentle and have a lot of smiles, will provide the residents with warmth and warmth in their daily lives.


Group Home

It is a home-based nursing home that makes people with dementia feel at ease . We also do rehabilitation and exercises so that we can have a “personal” lifestyle. You can spend your days with a smile like another family .


Special Nursing Home

  We are currently applying for a new facility in Takasaki City.

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