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Miyama Group

For more happy life, Be closer to you

私たちについて: 設備

VISION - Social Welfare -

For more happy life, be closer to a person

For happiness, the important thing is not how big, but how many times we feel.

When eating delicious food, when indulging in lovely memories, when we can do what we couldn't.

The usual daily lives are filled with countless joy and happiness.

And there are always people, the kind consideration and warm house for us.

As another family-like dependable partner, we share the importance by your side.

MISSION - Our Wishes -

Supporting natural happiness with welfare

Miyama co-creates a place where everyone can feel happy with the welfare of the elderly and the disabled.

The looking back on life and accumulating rich times, a warm and old life.

The life full of motivation and hope, thinking of someone and doing what you can.

As a comprehensive welfare partner, we will gently embrace all of you.

VALUE - Action Guidelines -

We value the heart of "Mi-Ya-Ma"

"Mi" represents Thinking of everyone's happiness first.

There is a limit to what we can do for ourselves. But we think we can do our best for the other.

And if we can imagine the happiness of important persons and all the people involved, it will be a powerful force to carry out.

"Ya" means Listening in friendly eyes and mind, to understand a person.

When we want to make someone happy, it is important to understand the other person first.

If we notice the change in one's feelings, gestures, and facial expressions, we face each other with a polite and gentle attitude.


"Ma" for Doing our best with all our heart.

Not Number One, but only One. Take advantage of unique strengths for someone.

No one is perfect. Do something with confidence that only we can do, and act with heart for the other.


 ABOUT US - Corporate Information -

Miyama Co., Ltd.

Established in January 1979

Capital 3,000,000 yen

Total Revenue 157,389,138 yen (December 2019)

Gross profit 145,001,581 yen

Headquarters location 400-1 Higashiakiya, Misatomachi, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture

Management Corporation: Miyama Home Misato , Dream Home Miyama , Miyamanoie

President: Motohiro Ozawa

40 employees (as of May 2020)

TEL 027-372-8678

FAX 027-372-8867


Social Welfare Corporation Miyamakai

Established  in July, 1981

Headquarters location 408 Nishikokufu-cho, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture

Operating corporation Miyama Helpso , Sunrise Home

Articles of Incorporation Documents (as of April 2017)

Remuneration amount Remuneration standard (as of April 2017)

List of officers Officer list (as of April 2017)

President Motohiro Ozawa

Number of staff 16

TEL 027-372-1919

FAX 027-372-1548

Established in December 2001

Revenue ¥ 82,470,857 (December 2019 settlement)

Corporate location 380-1 Kitahara-cho, Takasaki city, Gunma prefecture

Management Corporation Miyama Home Itou

Business Report Reiwa based on annual financial statements

Articles of Incorporation Documents (as of 2001)

Representative: Hisako Suzuki

17 employees (as of May 2020)

TEL 027-372-8678

FAX 027-372-8867


HISTORY - Miyama -

The 40 years of our Progress

1979  January      Established Miyama Co., Ltd.

1981  July            Established SWC Miyamakai

1981  December  Opened Miyama Helpso

1989  April          Opened of Sunrise Home

2001  December   Established NPO Miyama Home 

2002  February     Opened Miyama Home Misato

2003  April           Opened Miyama Home Itou

2007  February     Opened Dream Home Miyama

2010  May            Opened Miyamanoie

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