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​[Wanted!] Opening staff at Special Nursing Home

We are looking for new executive candidates for special nursing homes in December


◉ Long-term care staff (Regular)  (Part time)  

* Welcome inexperienced people, qualification acquisition support system available

◉ Care Manager     ◉ Nurse

◉ Registered dietitian ◉ Life Planner

[Work location]

Minowanosato Miyama, a special nursing home for the elderly

394 higashiakiya, Misato-machi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma

[Special note]

Salary, various allowances, working hours, etc. will be decided after consultation

Limited to 10 new staff, there is a employment preparation fee of 50,000 yen

  (Special payment for working from December and working for 3 months )

​[New] Additional Recruitment at Group Home


 Limited recruitment of group home care staff


◉ Nursing staff (Regular) (Part time) 

[Work location]

Dementia-friendly group home Miyama home Misato

400-1 Misatomachi, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture


2 days off per week

4 days of Request Vacation system every month

[Special note]

Salary and working hours will be decided after a meeting

Inexperienced people welcome

Work style specializing in night shifts is OK

Seniors carefully educate at a facility with a history of 20 years

please contact us at the following inquiry form

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