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サービス内容: サービス内容

Job attendance for disabled people

Hope full of peaceful future

Employment Transition Support

 Do the training for knowledge and capacity building needed to work [6 people Capacity]

We aim to establish independence by supporting production activities so that users can carry out their independent daily lives and adapt to society.

Working continuation support type B

Technical training will be provided to contribute to employment support and enrichment of daily life according to the physical and mental conditions, abilities to possess, and desired employment [Capacity 20]


・ Canned seaweed and chazuke

・ Boxing of staples

・ Assemble the offering table for the funeral

・ Combinations of bank items for carrying products

・ Flyer inclusion

・ Assortment of lids inside cans

Payment of wages

We will pay the wage as the amount obtained by subtracting the necessary expenses from the sales obtained from the work training

Service charge

The amount to be borne is within the range stated on the certificate of recipients of disability welfare services issued by the municipality

How to apply

If you wish to use the facility, please contact us or the municipality where you live.

Facilities Introduction

Miyama Helpso

We will support you so that you can live your own way and aim for work. We support independence so that you can generate vitality in your social life.


370-3512 408 Nishikokubun-cho, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture

TEL 027-372-1919

FAX 027-372-1548

Facility Manager Misako Ozawa

Facility Map

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