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・ Dementia becomes difficult life at home by, who wants to receive the service at the facility

・ Person without medical treatment

・ Persons who have no difficulty in living together

・ Self-harm or other harmless person

・ Person who is certified as support level 2 or higher



We have a small group of 5-9 people to live together. In a homely (homelike) environment, we will support you to live a little independent while receiving assistance such as cooking and cleaning.


・Coexist individual of the life and communal living, we try to be as much as possible go out along the hope of each individual.

・To prevent the facility from becoming closed, we go to events with local pieces and participate in local events.

Facilities Introduction

サービス内容: サービス内容

Miyama Home Misato

It is a homely home where you can live with peace of mind even with dementia.

We support the lifestyle of the residents so that they can have a “like that” lifestyle. I utilize the stairs for rehabilitation, and actively perform radio exercises, oral care exercises, and walks to carry out vibrant days.

All residents and staff value the smile.

400-1 Higashiakiya Misato-machi, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture 371-7456

TEL 027-371-7131

FAX 027-371-1550

Facility Director Hisako Suzuki

Group Home

Designated (nursing care prevention) dementia-compatible community life care

Miyama Home Itou

All rooms are private (Japanese and Western style) and equipped with air conditioning. It is located in the center of Izukogen. We value the "personality" of ourselves and aim to create a homely home with a smile.

1261-14 Yahatano, Itou 413-0232, Shizuoka Prefecture

TEL 0557-51-1012

FAX 0557-51-1039


Headquarters NPO Miyama Home

TEL 027-372-8678

FAX 027-372-8867

President Hisako Suzuki

Facility Map

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