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・ The direction of care state (basic care 3 or more)

・ For people aged 40 to 64 with specific diseases

・ Person who needs permanent care due to physical or mental disorder

・ Persons who have difficulty receiving proper care at home


・ Taking care of bathing / excretion / meal, keeping in mind the return to home

・ Consultation, assistance, provision of convenience for social life

・ Regularly hold recreation such as cooking clubs, karaoke, and calligraphy

・ Seasonal events, birthday parties, outings, and volunteer activities

・ Acts necessary for daily life, functional training, health management, support necessary for medical treatment


・ Looking forward to a meal for your tenants will behave the homemade food every day

・ We will prepare a self-service cafe corner and a multi-purpose room that families and locals can use easily

・ It is a safe facility design with a flat structure to reduce blind spots


Facilities Introduction

サービス内容: サービス内容

Minowanosato Miyama

​Founding a new Special Nursing Home in Takasaki Gunma on December 1st, 2021 in corporation with Takasaki city

We are also looking for colleagues to work with

Accepting entries from the employment information page

Special Nursing home

An affluent final place to talk about old


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