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Small Multifunctional Care

Live a colorful life with familiar staff


・ Those who have a residence in Takasaki city and receive a Certification of Needed Long-Term Care

・ Those who are often alone and want a person to talk with

・ Those who want to change their mood

・ Those who have few opportunities to exercise and want to move their body


・ We flexibly provide short stay (accommodation) and home help (visit) centering on day service (commuting).

・ We respond to the desire to live in an area where you are accustomed to living with a new home service system that started in 2006.


・ 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, combined with the contents of the wish to care "homehelp, staying, visit", will service at a fixed fee

・ As you can spend time with familiar staff, people with dementia who are not good at changing places and people are also safe

Facilities Introduction

Facility Map

Facility Map

Dream Home Miyama

Day service can be used regardless of the time and day of the week according to the situation of the user. At home, when you want to receive service, you can visit your home to confirm your safety and have a good time together. A short stay will allow you to stay for as many days as your family needs. Please feel free to contact us.

400-1 Higashiakiya Misato-machi, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture

TEL 027-371-7365

FAX 027-371-1550

Facility Director Hisako Suzuki

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