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Support for people with disabilities

We want to share your hopeful daily happiness

私たちについて: 設備

Support for the disabled from Miyama

Depending on the lifestyle, mental and physical condition of the user, and the wishes of the family

In addition to improving skills for working and providing working places, we also prepare homes.

Working transition support

We will provide training to improve the knowledge and skills necessary for working. We also aim to establish the independence that can adapt to social life by supporting production activities so that users can carry out their independent daily lives.

Mainly, it will be acquisition of working power.

Working continuation support type B

We will train with appropriate skills to contribute to employment support and enrichment of daily life according to the physical and mental condition, ability to possess and desired employment condition. Mainly there is also one side as a place to work.

Welfare Home for the disabled

Promote welfare by providing low-priced living rooms suitable for daily life and other facilities to people with disabilities who have difficulty in carrying out daily life at home and those who aim to become independent.

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